The Coachman Game

You need 11 players for this game:

  • 1 Santa Clause
  • 1 Mrs. Clause
  • 1 Elf
  • 4 Reindeer
  • 4 Runners
  • 11 chairs are built up in "sleigh form".

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(In front 2x2 reindeer, behind that a chair for the ELF, behind 2 chairs for Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause, around the ELF and Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause 4 chairs for the 4 runners). The players sit on their chairs. Then the story will be told. Whenever in the story one or several of the players are designated, they must get up, run once around their chair and sit down again. (The sleigh is mentioned; everyone has to get up and run around their chair)

The story goes like this:
On a beautiful winter day SANTA CLAUSE and MRS. CLAUSE decided to take a trip with their ELF. The ELF hooked up the 4 REINDEERS onto the SLEIGH and checked the four RUNNERS. Then the ELF helped MRS. CLAUSE and SANTA CLAUSE onto the SLEIGH then the ELF got on the SLEIGH himself. The REINDEER took off slowly and the ELF went from the North Pole to Minnesota. The sun shone in the sky and SANTA CLAUSE and MRS. CLAUSE enjoyed the view of the state. All of a sudden the LEFT FRONT RUNNER broke. The SLEIGH swung wildly out of control. SANTA CLAUSE and MRS. CLAUSE were tossed around in the SLEIGH back and forth and the REINDEER stopped. The ELF calmed the REINDEER down and brought the SLEIGH to a stop. The ELF helped SANTA CLAUSE and MRS. CLAUSE from the SLEIGH, unhitched the REINDEER and tied them to a tree and repaired the broken LEFT FRONT RUNNER. When he finished, he checked the other RUNNERS on the SLEIGH: first the RIGHT FRONT RUNNER, then the RIGHT BACK RUNNER and the last one, the LEFT BACK RUNNER. After that the ELF hitched up the REINDEER and helped SANTA CLAUSE and MRS. CLAUSE into the SLEIGH. He himself jumped onto the SLEIGH and the REINDEER took off again. After some time SANTE CLAUSE felt hungry. He asked MRS. CLAUSE whether they shouldn’t stop to eat. MRS. CLAUSE also liked the idea. So SANTA CLAUSE called the ELF. "ELF !" --- (a little louder) "ELF !!" --- (even louder) "ELF !!!" --- (Screams) "ELF !!!!".

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